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US-6885021-B2: Adhesion layer for a polymer memory device and method therefor patent, US-7019124-B2: PRO788 nucleic acids patent, US-7159049-B2: Memory management system including on access flow regulator for a data processing system patent, US-7897430-B2: Organic thin film transistors including metal oxide nanoparticles within a photocurable transparent polymer gate insulator layer and method for fabricating the same by using sol-gel and photocuring reactions patent, US-8265086-B2: Multi-path transport patent, US-7128980-B2: Composite component for fusion reactors patent, US-7208696-B2: Method of forming a polycrystalline silicon layer patent, US-7217780-B2: Polyether ketone and method of producing the same patent, US-6903641-B2: Dust core and method for producing the same patent, US-7012021-B2: Method for end point detection polysilicon chemical mechanical polishing in an anti-fuse memory device patent, US-7225433-B2: Dynamic breakpoints for computer software patent, US-8372380-B2: In vivo imaging of sulfotransferases patent, US-7170263-B2: Method and apparatus for controlling on-vehicle generator patent, US-7779387-B2: Offline source code control patent, US-8509937-B2: Processing apparatus and operating method therefor patent, US-6868869-B2: Sub-atmospheric pressure delivery of liquids, solids and low vapor pressure gases patent, US-7054205-B2: Circuit and method for determining integrated circuit propagation delay patent, US-7094048-B2: Flexible imaging member belt seam smoothing method patent, US-7721462-B2: Semi-dry method of washing machine and the ventilating structure, control apparatus for the same patent, US-7815874-B2: Reactor patent, US-8392104-B2: Avoidance maneuver calculation device, avoidance control device, vehicle having each device, avoidance maneuver calculating method, and avoidance controlling method patent, US-7202211-B2: Methods of preventing or treating brain ischemia or brain injury patent, US-7355935-B2: Method of recording physical address information on optical disc and optical disc having the same patent, US-7410790-B2: Method for producing γ-glutamylcysteine patent, US-8039455-B2: Macrocyclic compounds useful as BACE inhibitors patent, US-8434423-B2: Substrate carrying apparatus having circumferential sidewall and substrate processing system patent, US-7908416-B2: Data processing unit and bus arbitration unit patent, US-8616567-B2: Vehicle suspension apparatus patent, US-7404957-B2: Modified IL-4 mutein receptor antagonists patent, US-7733517-B2: Information processing apparatus and control method thereof, and program patent, US-7067821-B2: Flood gun for charge neutralization patent, US-7550031-B2: Cylinder filling oxygen concentrator patent, US-7594596-B2: Fluid product dispensing valve and fluid product dispensing device comprising same patent, US-8581149-B2: Exothermic welding assembly patent, US-7099870-B2: Personalized web page patent, US-7571296-B2: Memory controller-adaptive 1T/2T timing control patent, US-8514273-B2: 3D image display apparatus and 3D image display method patent, US-7254301-B2: Optical module patent, US-7358083-B1: Food-grade cloning vector and their use in lactic acid bacteria patent, US-7622426-B2: Methods of controlling hydrogen fluoride pressure during chemical fabrication processes patent, US-7679140-B2: Structure of strained silicon on insulator and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-8516674-B2: Solid state resistance welding for airfoil repair and manufacture patent, US-7101711-B1: Phosphoepoxides, method for making same and uses patent, US-7107728-B2: Apparatus for the storage of hazardous materials patent, US-7083903-B2: Methods of etching photoresist on substrates patent, US-8604103-B2: Additive composition for hydraulic composition patent, US-6985181-B2: CMOS sensor array with a memory interface patent, US-7033243-B2: Card interactive amusement device patent, US-7420811-B2: Heat sink structure for light-emitting diode based streetlamp patent, US-7134457-B2: Method of weaving braille and woven braille textile patent, US-8167146-B2: Cable management apparatus patent, US-8515588-B2: Generator reserve capacity control system and network patent, US-7465384-B2: Acid electrolytes patent, US-7256497-B2: Semiconductor device with a barrier layer and a metal layer patent, US-8256516-B2: System and method for providing a downhole mechanical energy absorber patent, US-7991139-B2: Methods and apparatus to limit ring trees in voice over internet protocol networks patent, US-8164510-B2: Quantity smoother patent, US-7247242-B1: Arsenic removal from water patent, US-8465957-B2: Alpha-amylase variants patent, US-7174377-B2: Method and apparatus for collaborative document versioning of networked documents patent, US-7943725-B2: 1,3/1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol based monomers and polymers patent, US-7711253-B2: Blur correction camera system patent, US-6901797-B2: Method and instrument for gauging a workpiece patent, US-6874800-B2: Hospital bed wheel linkage apparatus patent, US-7591123-B2: Method for the production of a gas bag packet for an airbag module patent, US-7736724-B1: Fabrication of nanobaskets by sputter deposition on porous substrates and uses thereof patent, US-6991829-B2: Hand-held vessel patent, US-7354894-B2: Preventing airway mucus production by administration of EGF-R antagonists patent, US-7665272-B2: Floor hole repair method patent, US-7706808-B1: One-click service status tracking and updates patent, US-8191053-B2: Computerized data warehousing patent, US-7410793-B2: Optical instrument including excitation source patent, US-8470237-B2: Stainless steel excellent in corrosion resistance, ferritic stainless steel excellent in resistance to crevice corrosion and formability, and ferritic stainless steel excellent in resistance to crevice corrosion patent, US-8044112-B2: Method for applying a coating onto a silicone hydrogel lens patent, US-8578465-B2: Token-based control of permitted sub-sessions for online collaborative computing sessions patent, US-8136102-B2: Systems and methods for compiling an application for a parallel-processing computer system patent, US-8427833-B2: Thermal power plane for integrated circuits patent, US-7276570-B2: Compositions for golf equipment patent, US-7863183-B2: Method for fabricating last level copper-to-C4 connection with interfacial cap structure patent, US-8298747-B2: Photosensitive resin composition, process for producing patterned hardened film with use thereof and electronic part patent, US-6984280-B2: Dry paint transfer process for making deep-draw high doi automotive body panels patent, US-8147974-B2: Protective coating for window glass having enhanced adhesion to glass bonding adhesives patent, US-7087217-B2: Delivery of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs through an inhalation route patent, DE-3837232-A1: Entnahmesystem fuer abgasproben patent, US-7385267-B2: Nanosensors patent, US-8317743-B2: Medicament mixing and injection apparatus patent, US-738821-A: Printing-press. patent, US-7853624-B2: System and method for optimizing distributed and hybrid queries in imperfect environments patent, US-7194990-B2: Electro-hydraulic engine valve actuation patent, US-7262446-B2: Semiconductor device and process for production thereof patent, US-7002804-B2: Heat dissipating apparatus patent, US-7019334-B2: LED lamp for light source of a headlamp patent, US-7956228-B2: Method and device for producing acetylene and synthesis gas by rapidly mixing the reactants patent, US-7230158-B2: Arabidopsis thaliana derived frigida gene conferring late flowering patent, US-7544901-B2: Cable duct patent, US-6941461-B2: System and method of uniquely authenticating each replication of a group of soft-copy documents patent, US-7471050-B2: Organic EL drive circuit and organic EL display device patent, US-7576151-B2: Amino acid derivatives and their use as a sag control agent patent, US-8119712-B2: Golf balls having layers made from rubber compositions containing nucleating agents patent, US-7516628-B2: On-line thickness gauge and method for measuring the thickness of a moving glass substrate patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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